• Passengers


    I liked it and thought it was entertaining and enjoyable for the whole family. It stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as two passengers (out of 5000+) who are on a 120-year journey to another planet when their hibernation pods open 90 years too early. They are forced to solve the mystery behind the malfunction on the Avalon as the ship and mission hurtle towards disaster. Cameo appearances are made by Laurence Fishburne and Andy Garcia.

    I found the criticisms of the film to be rather unfair. It’s not about online dating…it doesn’t tie into the Trump presidency…it’s not about the unfair treatment of women in our society or future one for that matter…OMG, it’s a simple love story (based on a rather unethical action – handled well, I thought) that takes place on a large space going vessel.

    Is it superficial…yes. Could they have done more with the storyline…yes. But overall…I really enjoyed the interaction between Pratt and Lawrence, loved the SFX and had a fun night at the movies.

    Go see it.


    In the theater – Probably not

    On TV – Yes

    DVR it – Yes